Seagate Technology is Hiring Software Developer | Computer Graduates Can Apply

Seagate Technology is Hiring Software Developer
Seagate Technology is Hiring Software Developer | Computer Graduates Can Apply
About Company:

Seagate Technology is Hiring Software Developer . At Seagate, our mission is genuine and simple: Empower people by enhancing their digital world. We do this with HDDs, SSDs, hybrid technologies, and devices that defy the status quo—innovations that are all around us, from the computers fueling our personal productivity to the servers forming the backbone of big enterprise to the networks connecting our world.

With more than 40,000 employees strong with operations spanning the globe, our people value and encourage opportunities for learning, growing, advancing and achieving—and we invite you to share your future with the excitement of our endeavors and the satisfaction of our success. At Seagate, the possibilities are endless and your potential is unlimited.

Job Title: Software Developer

Work Location: Pune, India.

Qualification: Bachelors/Masters/PhD degree and/or equivalent minimal experience

Job Description:
  • Understands the implementation details of the storage system at the source code level.
  • Debugs performance and reliability issues of the storage system.
  • Modifies source code to improve performance, enhance stability, and to fix defects.
  • Implements features, enhancements to the source code.
  • Unit testing of the developed source code.
  • Documents designs and code clearly in the English language.
  • Communicates with team and managers to develop optimal solutions and report progress.
  • Collaborates with other team members to ensure integration of all parts of the system.
  • Researches and evaluates alternative approaches to assist in developing solutions.
  • Shares best practices with partners and peer groups.
Skills Required:
  • Strong in programming skills C/C++, Java, Python
  • Understanding of storage system architectures: storage media types, communication media, and protocols. Typical capacity, throughput and latency values, failure modes.
  • Understanding modern server architectures: processors, caches, cores, NUMA, concurrency control mechanisms.
  • Thorough understanding of programming language and tools (compilers, linkers, profilers, etc.).
  • Understanding of the UNIX operating system concepts (VFS, inodes, buffer cache, page cache, processes, signals, interrupts, scheduler, memory management) and POSIX interfaces
  • Understanding concurrent and multi-threaded programming.
  • Some understanding of distributed systems is desired (shared memory vs. message passing, asynchronous systems, two-phase commit, Paxos).
  • Some Linux kernel and file system development knowledge is desired.
  • Understanding industry software development processes and practices.
  • Knowledge of software development life-cycle.
  • Understanding of engineering functions (i.e., development, documentation, release engineering).
  • Actively pursues opportunities for learning and self-development.

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